1956 Electric door locks introduced on several luxury models. 

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At Carweez you can search for used, new and certified pre-owned cars in the United States. Carweez is a search engine only, and you cannot post ads directly at our site. However, if you want your car to be shown on our site, you can advertise it with some of the websites whose content is being displayed on Carweez and your ad will then appear in our listings.

Carweez does not favour any site, we display car ads relative to the users query with our own algorithm, so your listings have more of a chance to be displayed on Carweez like no other vertical search engine.

Carweez is a newly developed vertical search engine for new, used and certified pre-owned cars.

We Keep it simple!

We have designed an new nationwide search platform to make the process of buying a car easier and more enjoyable to the buyer, cutting the time needed for searching through various different classified sites for the car you desire.

We are proud to offer you the ability to to search for multiple brands, models and body types simultaneously and with greater ease than previously possible, in the interest of simplifying the search process for you.

We offer a large selection of vehicles from classifieds and private sellers, with advanced search tools designed to refine your results according to your specified trim level, engine capacity and body type.

Carweez uses a search algorithm that doesn't favoritise any websites, but offers its users the most relevant results according to their defined search criteria.

And of course if you stumble into trouble with your search, we have a help section which you can refer to, to answer your most frequently asked questions

A quick reminder that although we have car classifieds, we do not advertise or sell automobiles ourselves, nor do we organize sales

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of car hunting without hassles and take advantage of the convenience of Carweez.

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