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Car facts by Carweez

At Carweez you can search for used, new and certified pre-owned cars in the United States. Carweez is a search engine only, and you cannot post ads directly at our site. However, if you want your car to be shown on our site, you can advertise it with some of the websites whose content is being displayed on Carweez and your ad will then appear in our listings.

Carweez does not favour any site, we display car ads relative to the users query with our own algorithm, so your listings have more of a chance to be displayed on Carweez like no other vertical search engine.

Tips for the best car results

If you don't see what you're looking for in your search results, maybe it's time to read these basic tips and tricks to help you find what you want every time.

Keep it simple!

Start by typing the name of a make, body style, year, or type that you're looking for.



used toyota

Add relevant keywords

If you don't see what you want after doing the above simple search you can add relevant words to narrow the results.

First try: used ford

More precise: used ford f150

Even more precise: used ford f150 black

Search exceptions

Common words like "car", "cars", "the", "a", "for" are ignored, but might not be if they're related to your search phrase. Synonyms might replace some words in your original query, but you can enclose a word or phrase in quotes to prevent this from happening.

For old-school users

If you don't want to mess around with the keyword search, Carweez provides you with the simple-to-use dropdown boxes like at any car classified site available on the internet. You can choose for a type, make and/or model related to already pre-selected location of your search.

Mastering the full potential of Carweez search

If you want to see the full potential of carweez search engine, use the search operators. Add any of these symbols to your search terms in the carweez search box to gain more control over the results that you see.

Search for an exact word or phrase

Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words.

"ford f150"

"toyota camry"

Heads up! Only use if you're looking for a very precise car, because otherwise you could be excluding helpful results by mistake.

Exclude a word

Add a dash(-) before a word to exclude all car results that include that word.

toyota -camry

Search just within specific types of field

Use operatoprs bellow just to search for specific fields available.



filter_engine:5L L4 16V MPFI DOHC

Heads up! Only use if you're looking for a very precise car, because otherwise you could be excluding helpful results by mistake.

Include a fill in the blank

Use an asterisk (*) within a query as a placeholder for any unknown or "wildcard" terms.

black *

bmw x*


Search for either car

If you want to search for two or more different car makes or models include OR (capitalized) between the words.

bmw OR honda

toyota OR ford OR chevrolet

used OR new

suv OR sedan

Search in ranges

If you want to search for the price or mileage ranges use the range operators to see results that contain numbers in a given range. Format: price:[num_from TO num_to], mileage:[num_from TO num_to]. (*) asterisk marks a maximum or a minimum.

price:[* TO 2000]

mileage:[15000 TO *]

price:[15000 TO *] +mileage:[1000 TO 2000]

Heads up! Use only in extreme situations, we reccommend you to use filters instead.

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